Tyre Mould Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine


Mould Cleaning


Automatic Operation

Equipment description

SURFEX® designs and manufactures the Air Operated Tyre Mould Cleaning Machine.

The machine will be based on Induction Suction Blasting Principle. The machine consists of Blast Cabinet with Motorized Rotary Turn Table, Track Extension with Trolley (Trolley operated by Motorized Winching Arrangement), Suitable number of Suction Blast Guns, Manual Nozzle Reciprocation Arrangement, Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump for Turn Table Tilting, Abrasive Recovery Unit, and Dust Collector Unit.

A suitable abrasive media (like glass bead) is used for the cleaning of moulds. The fired media is collected in bottom hopper of the blast cabinet from where it is sucked inside reclaimer by the suction draft created by vacuum suction. The cyclonic action inside the Reclaimer separates the dust and abrasive. The separated abrasive passed through vibrating screen, where coarse particles and debris are separated. The usable abrasive gets stored in abrasive storage tank and dust produced during the shot blasting operation will be passed to dust collector system. From the storage tank the abrasive will be distributed to the system for recycling.