The Oven is constructed from a self-supporting fabricated MS iron frame, and the double walled, insulated sheet steel cassettes, which slide fit into each other. The cassettes are being fixed into the iron frame. A special silicon based heat resistant sealing compound additionally seals off the joints between the cassettes. This totally unique twin angle frame and cassettes construction of the oven minimize direct metal contact, in-turn ensuring low heat transfer to the oven surface and saving on precious energy resources.

The air from the working chamber of the oven is drawn by the circulating air blowers over the centralized heat source. This heated air is then fed back into the working chamber through the hot air ducts. This control is essential for temperature uniformly over the entire oven cross section. The design and placement of air duct with louvers/grills would be in such a way to minimize the heat loss and to provide over all uniformity of temperature. Moreover, the easy movement of job at entry and exit point is provided so that no damage could occur to painted surface of job. A number of major safety elements like temperature controller, safety thermostat, blower-heat source interlock etc. are provided.

Oven works on the theory of the Thermal Radiations i.e. when Electric Heaters / Diesel Fired Burners burns into Heat Exchanger then it become red hot and air passing over it becomes hot due to getting radiation energy of red hot heat Exchanger repeatedly air inside oven becomes hot and the reverse process happens to cure the painted components.