Pneumatic Wet Shotcrete Machine

Surfex have developed Portable Wet Shotcrete Machine for spraying wet concrete of required W/C ratio.The wet concrete is poured into the vibratory hopper of the machine, which flows into the through-going chambers of rotor and moves to the discharge outlet with rotor running, where it is blown to whirl stream implement by compressed air leaded by air pipe. Hence it is blown by scattering, accelerating, whirling and floating vortex stream and through conveying hose to the nozzle, where the required volume of liquid accelerator is added.

The output of the machine is 5 cubic meters per hour and maximum horizontal conveying distance is 35 meter. The company has also developed dry Shotcrete and Guniting machine, refractory cement spraying machine etc.

In wet process shotcreting a low slump concrete mix is conveyed pneumatically and sprayed through shotcrete nozzle. The compressed air supply is added from separate air compressor. The maximum conveying distance for wet shotcrete is 10-15 meter vertically and 35 meter horizontally.