CNC Shot Peening For Gear And Shaft

Controlled Shot Peening is regularly being specified by the automotive to enhance component service life. It is a cold working process in which the surface of the component being proceessed is bombarded with small spherical media. Each piece of shot striking the surface of the component acts as a minuscule peening hammer, deforming the component surface and causing a small indentation or dimple. The overlapping dimples develop a thin layer of metal in rsidual compressive stress at or near the surface. Since nearly all fatigue and stress corrosion failures start at the surfae of a part, the compressive stresses induced by shot peening can considerably increase component service life.

SURFEX CNC shot peening machines is designed for effective peening on Gears and Shaft. To generate the controlled compressive stress to the surface and to enhance the surface properties, increase fatigue strength by creatring small dimples which increase life of components. This system has capacity to peen upto 600 mm diameter and 800 mm length weight capacity 2000 kgs. Per job.

Process consistency in shot peening is vital and SURFEX sysems are custom designed to control all the critical variables to suit each applicatrion. The shot size is controlled with screen classifiers and its shape is controlled with roundness classifiers to meet International requirements. Shot flow rate [kg/min] is monitored and close loop controlled using Magna Valves for ferrous/non ferrous media. The shot replenisher is provided to add Shots automatically in case of shortage of media.

Features :

  • Complete control and regulation of peening parameters.
  • Automatic set up depending on part size and process recipe: CNC Nozzle manipulator with vertical stroke and horizontal stroke.
  • Component rotating spindle.
  • Modular construction designed for quick maintenance and easily access.
  • Integrated high performance dust collector