Air Operated Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine


Cleaning / Heat Scale and Rust Removal


Automatic Operation

Equipment description

SURFEX® designs and manufactures the Air Operated Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine for a wide range of components (Castings / Forgings / Automobile Components / Special Engineering Parts / etc.).

The machine will be based on either Suction Principle or Pressure Principle.
The machine consists of Blast Cabinet with Endless Rubber Belt Conveyor, suitable number of Suction Blast Guns (in case of suction principle based machines) or suitable number of Blast Nozzles (in case of pressure principle based machines) and these suction blast guns / blast nozzles are mounted on Motorized Nozzle Reciprocation Arrangement, Abrasive Recovery Unit and Dust Collector Unit. Blast Nozzles or Suction Blast Guns will fire the abrasive media on the components on the jobs & shot blast the jobs.

The door of the blast cabinet is kept open, and the jobs are loaded onto the endless rubber conveyor belt of the machine manually or with an automatic loader arrangement. Then the door is closed, and the blasting operation takes place. The rubber conveyor belt tumbles the components gently and ensures adequate exposure of the jobs. After the blast cleaning cycle is over, the door is opened for the unloading of jobs. The jobs are unloaded on the trolley by moving the conveyor belt in reverse direction.

SURFEX® equipment includes a fully automatic Dust Collection System to remove dust and fines from the blast cabinet.