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Pnematic Machine for Pipe Blasting

The machine works on pressure blasting principle as a pressure blaster. Pipes having same diameter & length are placed on the blasting station [Loading/unloading arrangement]. The four lance blast nozzles mounted on Carriage work car, move forward inside the pipes. [One lance in each pipe] The blasting will start at home position .The pipe is blast clean internally in forward stroke. Now the Carriage work car stops, the blasting is completed & purging air flows to clean the abrasive from the pipe during return stroke. The blasted m.s.pipe will be unloaded & new pipes will be loaded for blasting.

Used abrasive and dust created during blasting is sucked through suction hose to reclaimer where abrasive is reclaimed and collected in a storage tank for recycling through blast generator and the dust is carried ahead and collected around the pleated bags and clean air is discharged into the atmosphere. The operator has only to load and unload the m.s.pipe on inclined platform. V type chain conveyor is provided for automatic lifting of pipe one by one.