Stone Shot Blasting Machine


Stone Texturing cum Stone Finishing / Shot Blasting of Stones.


Continuous Operation.

Equipment description

SURFEX® designs and manufactures the Stone Shot Blasting Machine (Stone Texturing cum Stone Finishing Machine) for a wide range of components (Stone/ Marble/ Granite Slabs / Tiles / Paver Blocks / Curb Stones / etc.).

The jobs to be blasted are loaded on the conveyor system (Roller Conveyor or Belt Conveyor) at the inlet side. These components then enter into the inlet tunnel and reach the blasting chamber. The work chamber houses suitable numbers of blast wheel stations, which are located on the roof of the cabinet, which fires abrasives on the components. The job gets duly shot blast cleaned from upper side while they are passing through the blast stream zone. The blasted jobs are moves forward, & enter the outlet tunnel, and further moves to the conveyor at the outlet side for job unloading.

SURFEX® equipment includes a fully automatic Dust Collection System to remove dust and fines from the blast cabinet.