Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Surface Finishing Equipment Company has introduced Stone Finishing cum Texturing Machine based on latest Italian Technology. The Machine houses multiple Blast Wheel Stations for throwing Shots on the Stone Slab to be finished / textured. These Wheels are specially designed for Stone Finishing application. The Stone Slabs are moved on Special Conveyor of the Machine. This conveyor carry’s Stone Slabs into work cabinet for processing Stone Slabs. The desired Texture / Finishing can be obtained by varying speed of Conveyor / speed of Blast Wheel / size of Shots etc. Specially designed blanks can be used on Stone to obtain special effect on the surface of the Stone. These Machine can be inlined integrated with various other Stone Treatment Processes like heating / cleaning of Stone as per the clients requirement. The loading and unloading system for Stone Slab can also be integrated with Machine as per customer requirement

‘Surfex’ Airless Stone Texturing Machine

General Specification of the Machine :

Operation :

The stones are loaded on Rubber Belt Conveyor System. These stones are transferred into work chamber. The work chamber houses 1 No. horizontally mounted blast wheel station in line with rubber conveyor which fire abrasive on stones. The stone duly shot blast cleaned while they are Passing through blast stream zone. The stone come out from the outlet portion of the machine and removed manually. The conveyor speed is variable. The machine is provided with inlet and outlet vestibules. Sufficient No. of rubber curtain are provided to trap escaping shots. The entire machine is ventilated by powerful Fabric Bag Type Dust Collector

Blasting Cabinet :

The Blast Cabinet is fabricated from 6 mm thick heavy duty prime quality steel plates in welded construction and engineered suitably for strength and rigidity. The Blast Cabinet bottom is provided with 12 mm thick Steel Perforated Sheet.

Blast Cabinet Liners :

The entire cabinet is lined with 8-10 mm Mn. Steel overlapping tile. As and when these liner are worn out, the worn out liners are only to be replaced.

Blast Wheel Assembly :

One No. of Blast Wheel Stations, Size 12RLM150 are mounted on 20 mm thick heavy duty prime quality steel plate and strategically around the cabinet and the pass line of the work. All blast wheels are arranged to blast at an angle with the line of job movement. The unit consists of fabricated steel casing having installation of different alloy steel liners, rotor, blades, control cage, impeller and feed spout. The rotor is made out of EN grade material duly hardened. The drive system of blast wheel (Rotor) entails a set of self lubricated and self aligning pedestal bearings. The rotor is dynamically balanced. The drive shaft of blast wheel is made out of EN grade material and duly precision grinded to the finest accuracy. The fabricated casing of blast wheel assembly can be easily opened up through Bolts/Levers for examination of various liners and parts of wheel assembly .

Vestibule :

A vestibule extends beyond the work entrance slot of the blast cabinet. The entrance vestibule is fabricated from 6 mm thick steel plates and combined with two set of hanging rubber seals. The spent abrasive trapped within the entrance vestibule is returned to the main abrasive system through hopper.

A Photo Electric Sensor is provided near inlet vestibule. The blast wheel will start only when job move into the vestibule .

Abrasive Separator, Rotary Screen & Storage Hopper

The rotor of blast wheel assembly unit fires down the abrasive on the component moving on conveyor. The spent abrasive falls into hopper of the cabinet. The abrasive from hopper slides down to the screw conveyors which transfers them to the boot of the bucket elevator. These shots are elevated to the desired height with the help of buckets mounted on rubber belt.

The Separator is COMPENSATING FLOW STRAIGHT (CFS) AIR WASH DOUBLE LIP TYPE. A rotary screen is housed within the separator. Oversize contaminants and the media mixture are discharged from the head section of the bucket elevator into the rotary screen by means of an upper screw conveyor. The trashes will be directed by the internal screw flight to a trash and their currents remove the contaminants. The dust and useless fines will be air borne to an expansion chamber from where coarse material will drop into a refuse hopper and thereafter to the floor level through drain tubing and dribble valve control. The fine dust particles will be conveyed through vent piping to the dust collector. The usable abrasive are transferred into the storage hopper for recirculation purpose.

The abrasive from the storage hopper are transferred into blast wheel unit through feed gates. These gates are enclose to reduce noise within 80-85 dB. The rotational movement of impeller constantly accelerate the incoming abrasives and feed them to the blades of rotor. The flow of abrasive to the blast wheel unit is regulated by an electro-pneumatic valve operated by pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve. The abrasive at high velocity are thrown by rotor on to the job.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector System :

The fabric bag type dust collector having number of tubular filter bag is provided. The dust laden air enters the dust collector through side and passes into a settling and equalizing compartment. Through expansion in the equalizing compartment, the air velocity drops and flow is distributed over the entire settling area. The air then flows up and away from storage hopper causing the heavier dust particles to settle down, the fine particles floating upward into filter tube. The clean air passes through the tubes and is exhausted through the blower. At certain interval the tubes are shaken mechanically/manually to remove the accumulated dust from the filter bags. The dust is collected in the tray of the dust collector. The trays are taken out periodically and emptied. The filter bags are made out of a satin weave filter cloth. The seams are multiple stitched with heavy cotton thread. The blower unit of dust collector is dynamically balanced. The dust collector is fabricated in modular design and all the joints are sealed with imported sealing compound .

Belt Conveyor :

Rubber Belt Conveyor on inlet and outlet and is driven by 3 HP x 1 with variable AC drive. The rollers are mounted on self-aligning bearings. Power is transmitted by Chain and Sprockets.

Control Panel :

An independent control panel having the latest control system is provided. The Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter are fitted for instant and accurate reading. The various timers of Reputed make are provided and other locked. It also entails contactors, relays, push buttons, main isolation switch, in-built single phase preventor, overload protection, HRC fuses, indicating lamps etc. Various safety features are in-built in the system like blast wheel motor will not operate if door is opened.

All starters upto 12.5 HP will be Direct on the Line (DOL) and all starters above will be Star Delta types. All internal panel wiring is complete and the panel will be fitted with a mains isolators switch voltmeter and an ammeter .

Painting/Color :

Inside and outside surface of equipments will be brush cleaned and given two coats of Epoxy Primer. Final coat on exterior of the system is Pu Paint Air Drying, Shade: Apple Green shaded and electric line channel is Red Enameled and all the guards of motor4 are Yellow enameled