Sand Blasting Machine – Swing Table Type

The range of Surfex Swing Table Type Machine is made in such a way that it suits small to big foundries. These machines can be supplied in one / two doors with a table. The doors combination of Swing Table and drum is also available. The operation of the machine is simple and automatic.


All four models are equipped with a hinged door, supporting a table having constant rotation speed. The machine is equipped with a high-performance centrifugal blast wheel. The abrasives are thrown upon the workpieces kept on the table by this wheel. The spent abrasives are transferred by a screw conveyor into the boot of the elevator. The elevator transfer abrasive into the separator unit. The clean abrasives gravitate down into the wheel for blasting purpose. An effective Dust Collector unit keeps the system clean of dust.

Industry users include :

Foundries, Forges, General Engineering Industries, Light-Alloys Foundries, Heat Treatment Shops, Plastic Industries.

Typical Application includes:

De-sanding, De-scaling, Cleaning, De-rusting, preparation of the surface for protective coating, shot peening of heavily stressed components, Etching and de-burring etc.

Technical Specification :

Model ASBMF-750 ASBMF-1200 ASBMF-1800 ASBMF-2440
No. of Swing Table One One One One
Diameter of Swing Table 750mm(30″) 1200mm(48″) 1800mm(72″) 2440mm(96″)
Maximum Load on Table 350kg 750 2500 4500
No. of Centrifugal Wheel One One One One
Size of Wheel(mm) (Dia x Width) 300mm X 63mm 500mm X 63mm 500mm X 63mm 500mm X 63mm
H.P. of Blast Wheel 7.5 15 25 20
Shots Flow Rate (Kg. / Hour) 6500 9000 15000 12000
Type of Dust Collector Fabric Bag Fabric Bag Fabric Bag Fabric Bag Type
Dust Collector Capacity (CFM) 1200 2000 3000 4500
Shaking Of Bags Manual Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Total H.P. Required 12 23 36 56
Loading Height (mm) 1125 950 950 1200
Max. Job Height (mm) 300 600 1000 1060

Dimension of Machine with Dust Collector

Single Door Double Door Single Door Double Door Single Door Double Door Single Door Double Door
Length(mm) 2700 4050 4500 6350 6400 9400 10500 13500
Width(mm) 3450 3450 4300 4300 5900 5900 6500 6500
Height(mm) 4100 4100 4300 4300 5300 5300 5750 5750

Dimension of Dust Collector

Length(mm) 1200 1450 1310 1660
Width(mm) 970 1310 1810 2540
Height(mm) 2460 3700 3750 5630

Floor Space Reqd.(approx) For Machine With 2 doors opned at 180 Degrees

Length(mm) 4850 6800 9600 13500
Width(mm) 3500 4500 6000 7000