Shot Peening Machine

This is continuously operating Hanger / Table type Peening Machine having two/four indexing Table / Hanger. One is for Blasting and second is for loading & unloading operation.

The Machine fulfills all essential requirements for Shot Peening operations as per international standards like Shot Classifier, Shot Measurement Device cum Controller & Shot Speed and Direction Controller.

DISCRIPTION Model ASBT-250-60/6W-3
No. Of Centrifugal Wheel One
Size of Centrifugal Wheel 25RLM150
H.P. of Blast Wheel (Each) 15 H.P.
RPM of blast wheel 2800
Shot Velocity 80-90 meter/second Approx.
Shots flow rate (Kg/wheel/hour) 11 Ton Approx.
Mother table Rotating type dia 1200mm
Satellite table (4 nos ) Rotating type dia 210mm
Satellite table rotation RPM through VFD controller
Shot peening time 2-3 min/ batch approx
Shot Peening stresses Compressive stress induced upto 1000 Mpa
Almen intensity .012- .020 inch at almen A strip
Shot Peening Coverage 100% or above 150%
Fixtures for Gears/shafts Provided
M.O.C of fixtures Alloy steel
Type of Dust Collector Reverse pulse jet
Dust Collector capacity 3000 cfm
Cleaning of Bags Through pulse jet
Motor HP for Dust Collector Blower 7.5 H.P.
Filter cloth Area of Dust Collector 48 Sq. Mtr.
Compressed Air requirement at 6 Kg./cm2 25 cfm
Dust Emission level <20 Mg/cub.Mtr.
Environmental Effect Green Machine
Sound Level 80-85 dB
Initial Fill Requirement of Abrasive 1500 Kg. (S170-280) ,55-60 HRC) as specified
Total power requirement
Blast Wheel 15 HP x 1 = 15
Dust Collector 7.5HP x 1= 7.5
Bucket Elevator 2 HP x 1 = 2.0
Screw Conveyor 1 HP x 1 = 1.0
Mother Table drive unit 2 HP x 1 = 2.0
Satellite table drive 1 HP x 1 =1.0
28.5 H.P (21kw).
Dimensions of Work Cabinet of Machine with Reverse Pulse Jet type
Dust Collector: –
5400 mm
3300 mm
5000 mm
6400mm (with shot classifier)
Floor Space required for Machine with Dust Collector:-
Foundation Pitless