Plate Preservation Line

It helps marine industries by providing inline Surface Treatment Systems (STS) in preservation Line, which removes contaminants, profiles the surface & coats the primary paint on blasted surface immediately after blasting operation without much loss of time, which will not allow any chances of oxidation of the ferrous plate generates high safety factor of corrosion protection against sea high humidified & salty weather.


DISCRIPTION Model ASBT-250-60/6W-3
Turbines (Blast Wheel)
No. of Blast Wheel 6
No. of Blades(each wheel) 8
Size of Blast Wheel 25 RLM 195
H.P. of Blast Wheel 20 HP x 6 Nos.
R.P.M. of Blast Wheel 2160
Abrasive Flow
Max. Shots flow rate 225 Kg /Wheel/minute
Shot Velocity 70-80 Mtrs./Sec.
Shots Consumption rate Approx. 0.13kg/hp/hr
Initial Charge of Shots 5000 Kg.(To be provided by purchaser)
Recovery System
Drive For Bucket Elevator 12.5 HP(Brake motor)
Drive For Screw Conveyor`s 11 HP
Roller Conveyor Systems
Speed (Variable) 0.5 meter to 2 meter per minute
Passage Opening Width 2650mm x Height 140mm
Inlet Conveyor Length. 14500mm
Exit Conveyor Length 14500mm
Roller Pitch 500mm
Useful Roller Width 2600mm
Roller Dia 167mm
Drive for Roller Conveyor (VFD controlled) 7.5 HP Geared motor
No. of Roller Conveyor Drive. 2 No.
Width of Conveyor 2850mm
High Pressure blow off 15 HP- 2 qty
Filter Systems
Type of Dust Collector Hy-Pulse Jet type
Type of Filter Bag Pleated spun bonded Cartridges
Fan (HP) 30
CFM of Dust Collector 12000@250mmWG
No. of Bags 36
Filter Area 360 Sq. Mtr.
Bag Cleaning Pulse Jet Through Solenoid Valve Controlled By Sequential Timer.
No. of Solenoid Valve 12
Dust Discharge Cam lock bin Provided
Dust Emission Level <80 Mg/cub.Mtr.
Compressed Air requirement at 6 Kg/Cm2 pressure 25 cfm
Noise Level 80-85 dB (A) at 3 Mtr. From Machine.
Cleaning Standard SA 2-2.5
Initial Rust Grade A-B
Job Movement Forward movement on conveyor
Control Panel Centralized Cubical type panel
Machine Dimensions
Overall Dimension of Machine With Reverse Pulse Jet type Dust Collector Length 29200mm
Width 7500mm
Height 6435mm(Above GL)
Floor Space required for Machine Length 29500mm
Width 10500mm
Pit Requirement 1070mm
Total Power Required 223.5 HP (166 kw)
Blast Wheel 20 HP x 6 120 (89 KW)
Dust Collector 30 HP x 1 30 (22 KW)
Bucket Elevator 12.5 HP x 1 12.5 (9.3 KW)
Long Screw conveyor 5 HP x 1 5 (3.73 KW)
Cross screw conveyor 3 HP x 1 3 (2.2 KW)
Upper screw conveyor3 HP x 1 3 (2.2 KW)
Roller Conveyor7.5 HP x 2 15 (10 KW)
Blow-off fan 15 HP x 2 30 (22 KW)
Brush off system 5 HP x 1 5 (3 KW)