Plate Preservation Line


Cleaning / Heat Scale and Rust Removal.


In-line (Pre- Blow Off → Pre – Heating (Drying) → Shot Blasting Operation → Coating → Drying of Plates).

Equipment description

SURFEX® designs and manufactures the Complete In-line Plate Preservation Line for Plates.

→ The plates are loaded on the inward side of the roller conveyor arrangement.

→ Initially, the plates are passed through the Pre- Blow Off Units, which are provided at the inlet side to clean and remove the dust from the upper surface of the plate before any next process.

The plates pass through the Pre – Heater Unit after the pre-blow off system, which prevents moisture from entering the shot blasting machine and shortens the drying time after painting operation.

After the pre-heating process, the plates are passed through an inward tunnel of the Shot Blasting Machine and enter the blasting chamber for blasting purpose. Suitable number of blast wheel stations (At the top & At the bottom of the plate) are located strategically on the cabinet, which fires blasting abrasive media on the plates. The plates are shot blast homogeneously all around. The blasted material moves forward and enters the outlet tunnel.

SURFEX® equipment includes a fully automatic Dust Collection System to remove dust and fines from the blast cabinet.

→ After the shot blasting process, the jobs are passed through the Paint Spray Booth System on a job conveying arrangement.

Suitable number of painting guns are provided, and these painting guns are mounted on motorized horizontal paint gun reciprocation arrangements.

→ After the coating process, the jobs are passed through the Drying Oven [Curing Oven] on a job conveying arrangement for the drying operation. The drying plate moves forward onto the roller conveyor arrangement.

→ The complete operation sequence of the machine is controlled by the PLC.