Shot Peening for Oil & Gas Industry

Surfex automatic shot peening machine is designed to peen API threads of oil drilling components as per International Standards. It is Provided with 3-axis shot peening operation for the generation of controlled compressive stress to the surface and to enhance the surface properties, increase fatigue strength by creating small dimples which increase life of components. Machine is suitable for peening job of maximum size 12 mtrs. [L] & 12″ dia.

Process consistency in shot peening is vital and SURFEX systems are custom designed to control all the critical variables to suit each application. The shot size is controlled with screen classifiers and its shape is controlled with roundness classifiers to meet International requirements. Shot flow rate [kg/min] is monitored and close loop controlled using Magna Valves for ferrous/non ferrous media. The shot replenisher automatically top-up the media.