Robotic Shot Peening for Automobile Industry

8 Axis  Robotic shot peening machine

Surfex 8 axis  Dual Robotic shot peening  machine is designed to shot peen  axle beams of the automobile machine is configured  to perform shot peening  on  large scale volumes

Process consistency in shot peening is vital and SURFEX systems are custom designed to control all the critical variables to suit each application. The shot size is controlled with screen classifiers and its shape is controlled with roundness classifiers to meet International requirements. Shot flow rate [kg/min] is monitored and close loop controlled using Magna Valves for ferrous/non-ferrous media. The shot replenisher automatically top-up the media.

Features :

  • Complete control and regulation of peening parameters.
  • 6 Axis robotic gun manipulation.
  • Automatic set-up depending on part size and process recipe.
  • Modular construction is designed for quick maintenance and easy access.
  • Integrated high-performance dust collector
  • Job Manipulator drive synchronizes with robot