Strip / Strip Coil Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine


Cleaning / Heat Scale and Rust Removal


Continuous Operation

Equipment description

SURFEX® designs and manufactures the Strip/ Strip Coil Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine (Continuous Type).

The head of the strip / strip coil coming from the de-coiler arrangement is inserted into the shot blasting machine from the inlet side, hooked to the coiler arrangement at the outlet side, and drawn accordingly at the set speed. Guide rollers are provided for easy movement of the strip. The strip is passes through an inward tunnel and enters the blasting chamber for blasting purpose. Suitable numbers of advanced blast wheel stations are mounted on the work cabinet, which fires the blasting abrasive media on the strip. The strip will get shot blasted homogenously all around.

Rotary Brush-Off Arrangements (with wire brush) are provided (only if required from the application point of view) at the inlet vestibule. 1 No. is provided below the strip and 1 No. is provided above the strip to clean the coil strip before the shot blasting process.

Blow-Off Arrangements are provided to blow off the leftover shots from the strip surface.

A complete shot blasting of job will be done in one pass (i.e. One Pass Blasting).

SURFEX® equipment includes a fully automatic Dust Collection System to remove dust and fines from the blast cabinet.