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Roll Etching

These machines provide required roughness /etching on rolls used in the rolling mills. The machine operates on the direct pressure principle of abrasive blasting & fully automatic in operation. The machine works on pressure blasting principle as a pressure blaster. The machine has blasting chamber, horizontal nozzle reciprocation arrangement, motorized work car, track extension with roll rotation arrangement, reclaimer unit and dust collector.

The roll is loaded on the motorized work car, travelled into the blast cabinet, after started the roll rotation, the nozzle reciprocation is switched on with blasting operation. The blasting nozzle is travelled along the length of the roll, completing the desired area of blasting, nozzle reciprocation and blasting is witched off and roll rotation is stopped. The motorized work car gets out from the blast cabinet. After striking the roll being blasted, the blast media, along with fines, dust, and byproducts generated by blasting, fall through the grate into the cabinet hopper. These particles are drawn into the reclaimer for separation. Dust and fines are first separated from the reusable blast media. Next the media is screened of oversize particles, and returned to the reclaimer hopper for reuse. Dust and fines are drawn from the reclaimer into the dust collector which traps the dust, discharging clean air. All above the process can be carried out by manual or auto controlled electric panel.