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Tyre Mould Cleaning

Surface Finishing Equipment Co. have introduced Shot Blasting Machine for Tyre Mold Cleaning Application. The machine consist of Blast Chamber with Turn Table & Abrasive Recovery Unit & Dust Collector,4 Nos. of Suction Blast Nozzle and its Reciprocation Arrangement. The machine is having Track mounted trolley with Rotary Turntable. The Turntable can move in and out from Blast Cabinet through Motorized Winching Arrangement. The Turntable is equipped with suitable Fixture for holding Tyre Mold on it. The Turntable is having provision for inclining at suitable angle hydraulically.

The Blast chamber is provided with illumination through Light boxes mounted on roof of the same. The Vision Window is provided in front of Cabinet having Vision Glass with Fine Wire Mesh for protection against abrasion. Two Hand Holes are provided for manipulation of Nozzle during blasting from outside by the Operator. These Hand Holes are equipped with Hand Gloves and Gauntlet. Four Suction Guns are provided with suitable Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle. These Guns are mounted on telescopic stand inside Blast Chamber. The operator can set manually the Gun Stand as per requirement of Mold. The operator can also manipulate these guns manually, if required. The Work Car (Trolley) is mounted on Track Extension. The Work Car can be pulled outside and inside the Blast Cabinet through motorized winching arrangement. A suitable Media is used like Glass Beads for cleaning of mold. The blasted media is collected in bottom Storage Tank from where it is sucked inside Reclaimer by the Suction Draft created by Vacuum Suction. The cyclonic action inside the Reclaimer separates the dust and abrasive.

The separated abrasive passed through Vibrating Screen where Coarser particles and debris are separated. The usable abrasive gets stored in Storage Tank and dust will be passed through filter bags. From storage tank, abrasive will be sucked by Suction Blast Gun for blasting purpose, hence operation of machine is Continuous Type. An anti pollution type of Dust Collector having Cartridge Filter Arrangement is provided which continuously removes and clean dust laden air , only the broughtable air is passed out through exhaust. A suitable Control Panel with PLC Unit is provided. The entire operation of Machine is controlled by PLC Programm and the same can be changed as per operational requirement.