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Tumblast Type Blasting mc

The door of the machine is opened and components are loaded on to the endless rubber conveyor belt of the machine manually. Then the door is closed and blasting operation takes place. The machine is equipped with 2/4 Nozzle arrangement mounted on a gun stand. A nozzle reciprocator system will be provided for reciprocating nozzles up to a stroke of 150 mm. 4 Nozzle fires abrasive upon the tumbling components and clean them. The rubber conveyor belt tumbles the components gently and ensures adequate exposure of the components. After blast cleaning cycle is over, door is opened. The components are unloaded on the trolley by moving the conveyor belt in reverse direction.

A horizontal Nozzle reciprocation system will be provided at the outside top of cabinet. It will be driven through Lead Screw motion arrangement. Sliding limit switches provided can control the stroke length of the reciprocation system.

The media reclaiming and recycling unit will consist of cyclone type reclaimer cum storage tank. The abrasive stored in the bottom storage hopper will be sucked inside the reclaimer by the suction draft created by the Vacuums suction. The cyclonic action inside the reclaimer separates the dust and abrasive. The separated abrasive passed to screen, where coarse particles and debris are separated. The usable abrasive gets stored in storage tank. From the storage tank the abrasive will be distributed to the blast generator for recycling. A Sufficient Capacity of Dust collector is incorporated to suck the dust produced in the blast chamber and keep the chamber and environment clean.