Tumblast M-c With Rubber Belt


Leading Technical Specification :

Note: Above specifications are subject to change due to continuous development of product.

Description SASMTF 20″X27″ SASMTF 27″X36″
Tumbler (Basket) Size 20″ x27″ 27″ x 36″
Size of Wheel (Diameter x Width) 300mm x 63mm 381mm x 63mm
No. of Wheels One One
Work Load Capacity
Volume (Cubic Feet) 2 5
Weight (Kgs) 140 350
H.P. of Blast Wheel 7.5 15
Shots Flow Rate (Kg/Hr) 6500 12000
Type of Dust Collector Fabric Bag Fabric Bag
Dust Collector Capacity 1200 cfm 2000 cfm
Shaking Of Bags Manual Mechanical
Total Power Consumption 12.5 24
Dimension of Machine
Length 1200 mm 1450 mm
Width 970 1310
Height 2460 3700
Floor Space required for Machine with Dust Collector
Length 2950 mm 3400 mm
Width 3100 mm 3000 mm