Tumblast Mc With Metallic Belt

In this Machine instead of Rubber Belt Conveyor a alloy metal Conveyor Chain is provided. This advantages of Chain Conveyor lies in loner life, better tumbling action, no sagging of coneyor, no frequent tightening of Conveyor of required. You need to replace only worn out Mettalic Strips (no need to replace whole Conveyor). This Machine is recommeded for cleaning of medium to heavy casting

‘Surfex’ Airless Shot Blasting Tumblast Machine redefined with extra features with Steel Belt Conveyor Type

Surfex Airless Shot Blasting Machine Tumblast Type, Model: RB 27×36
with steel belt conveyor system, blast cabinet, bucket elevator, Fabric bag type dust collector, Abrasive cleaning system, Automatic abrasive flow control valve, Time clock, Abrasive storage tank, Blast wheel assembly complete unit with drive mechanism, inbuilt Soundabrator with under mentioned standard accessories.

Work chamber/Cabinet :

Work Chamber is having three fold layer construction.

  • The main structure of machine is of prime quality plate 6-8-10 mm thick.
  • The entire cabinet is lined with abrasion resistant rubber having thickness 6 mm.
  • Extra thick additional Mn. Plate in direct blast zone.

The Blast cabinet is fabricated from 6-8-10 mm thick heavy duty prime quality steel plates, supported by strong rolled structure welded construction and engineered suitably for strength and rigidity to guarantee the optimum sturdiness. This robust rolled structure with thick plate foundation holds stand the machine and helps to reduce vibration keep within permissible limits. The blast cabinet bottom is provided with mild steel perforated floor for protection against abrasion wear. In the standard machine cabinet is lined with highly abrasion resistant special grade rubber sheet having thickness 6 mm. The rubber sheet has special property to retard abrasion on account of rebouncing of abrasive. The direct blast zone of the cabinet is provided with 12 mm thick work hardening grade Mn. Steel circular liners (left and right). A horizontal / Vertical door isprovided having limit switch for safety purpose. Inside of door is fully lined with tyre grade rubber liner. The door is fitted with limit switch and lever type lock is provided for locking the door and preventing escape of abrasive.In case Mn. Steel Lining inside the cabinet (Optional accessory) is ordered then the entire cabinet is lined with long life Mn. Rolled steel sheet.

Work Conveyor :

The endless type perforated steel belt conveyor is provided. The gentle tumbling action of this conveyor exposes all the surfaces of the components to the blast stream. The tensioning arrangement of this conveyor belt is provided. The conveyor is driven by three number of roller through a chain drive system located outside the cabinet. The spent abrasive falls through perforation of the conveyor into the hopper of the cabinet which are guided to the boot of elevator for recirculation purpose.

Wheelabrator Unit (Blast Wheel Assembly) :

One number of Blast Wheel station, Size 25RLM150 (151/2 x 21/2 ) with RADIALOCK MECHANISM are mounted on 20mm thick heavy duty prime quality steel plate and strategically around the cabinet and the pass line of the work. All blast wheels are arranged to blast at an angle with the line of job movement. The unit consists of fabricated steel casing having installation of different alloy steel liners, rotor, blades, control cage, impeller and feed spout. The rotor is made out of EN grade material duly hardened. The drive system of blast wheel (rotor) entails a set of self lubricated and self aligning pedestal bearings. The rotor is dynamically balanced. The drive shaft of blast wheel is made out of EN grade material and duly precision grinded to the finest accuracy. The fabricated casing of blast wheel assembly can be easily opened up through bolts/levers for examination of various liners and parts of wheel assembly. Individual ammeter is provided on control panel to indicate abrasive flow rate/loading of turbine in terms of current loading on ammeter. The abrasive media is centrifuged at a required tangential velocity by blast wheels having 8 Nos. of Moly and Chromium and various other alloy steel and hardened to 58-62 HRC value blades. The latest RLM design makes blade slide fitting type. The rotor, blades, control cage and impeller are shell casted to give even wear and tear during operation leading to vibration free performance of entire system.

Abrasive Circulation System :

The rotor of blast wheel assembly unit fires down the abrasive on the component moving on conveyor. The spent abrasive falls into hopper of the cabinet. The abrasive from hopper slides down to the screw conveyors which transfers them to the boot of the bucket elevator. These shots are elevated to the desired height with the help of buckets mounted on rubber belt. This bucket elevator leads the abrasives to the storage hopper of the machine. Bucket elevator is provided with an access door for clean out. The abrasive from the storage hopper are transferred into blast wheel unit through feed funnel. The rotational movement of impeller constantly accelerate the incoming abrasives and feed them to the blades of rotor. The flow of abrasive to the blast wheel unit is regulated by an electro-pneumatic valve operated by pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve. The abrasive at high velocity are thrown by rotor on to the job.

Advantages of “Surfex” Blast Wheel is as under (Please refer “Surfex” Wheel Assembly) :

It is robust, sturdy in construction. The shaft of blast wheel runs in self aligning and sealed bearings which can absorb extra vibration of blast wheel. Indirect drive is field proven, stable, sturdy and robust and have a life of 30-35 years (machine installed in year 1980 are still working without any trouble).

The shaft of rotor ensures full safety of electric motor which is not subjected to excessive load. (In direct mounted wheel, a shaft of electric motor alongwith bearing of electric motor wears out very fast. There is always chance of ingrace of shots into electric moto9r during passage of time which may cause short circuit of electric motor). These problems are done away in this wheel assembly only (for details, kindly see enclosed CD of blast wheel).

The short flow rate of our assembly is higher than direct drive system as it is very sturdy and can take extra load of additional shots.

The shot velocity through our assembly is always more in comparison with direct drive mounted blast wheel.

Rotary Screen Separator : (Optional Accessory)

The Separator is COMPENSATING FLOW STRAIGHT (CFS) AIR WASH TYPE. A rotary screen is housed within the Separator. Oversize contaminants and the media mixture are discharged from the Head section of the Bucket Elevator into the Rotary Screen by means of an Upper screw conveyor. The trashes will be directed by the internal screw flight to a trash and their currents remove the contaminants. The dust and useless fines will be air borne to an expansion chamber from where coarse material will drop into a Refuse hopper and thereafter to the floor level through drain tubing and dribble valve control. The fine dust particles will be conveyed through vent piping to the dust collector.

The usable abrasive is transferred into the storage hopper for re-circulation purpose. The abrasive from the storage hopper are transferred into blast wheel unit through feed gates. These gates are enclosing to reduce noise within 80-85 dB. The rotational movement of impeller constantly accelerates the incoming abrasives and feed them to the blades of rotor. An electro pneumatic valve operated by pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve regulates the flow of abrasive to the blast wheel unit. The abrasive at high velocity are thrown by rotor on to the job. The flow of abrasive to the wheel is controlled by specially designed dribble valve, which is mounted before the storage hopper. The valve is opened and closed with an air cylinder, which is actuated electrically by a 4-way solenoid pneumatic valve, consuming a few Cfm. Of compressed air at 80 psi

Abrasive Replenisher : (Optional Accessory)

The abrasive replenisher automatically tops up the recycling system with small quantities of new abrasive at regular intervals, thereby maintaining optimum abrasive level in the Feeding Hopper of the machine. This ensures fast, consistent and efficient shot blasting and peening operation.

Abrasive Control Mechanism :

The abrasive flow from storage hopper can be regulated by electro pneumatic 4 way type solenoid valve operated fully enclosed Soundabrator valves by a screw regulator. This system consumes small amount of compressed air at 80 psi. The opening of valve can be done through a screw as per ampere meter setting of blast wheel motor. The totally enclosed design of this valve muffle the sound emanated from blast wheel. It is reported lowering of sound level by 5 to 10 dB.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector System :

The fabric bag type dust collector having number of tubular filter bag is provided. The dust laden air enters the dust collector through side and passes into a settling and equalizing compartment. Through expansion in the equalizing compartment, the air velocity drops and flow is distributed over the entire settling area. The air then flows up and away from storage hopper causing the heavier dust particles to settle down, the fine particles floating upward into filter tube. The clean air passes through the tubes and is exhausted through the blower. At certain interval the tubes are shaken mechanically/manually to remove the accumulated dust from the filter bags. The dust is collected in the tray of the dust collector. The trays are taken out periodically and emptied. The filter bags are made out of a satin weave filter cloth. The seams are multiple stitched with heavy cotton thread. The blower unit of dust collector is dynamically balanced. The dust collector is fabricated in modular design and all the joints are sealed with imported sealing compound.

Automatic Operation Sequence Control System with Automatic Time Control (Optional Accessory):

The sequence of operation of machine is controlled by single push button through electronic timers. The starting and stopping delays and operating time are defined and adjustable.

Manganese Steel Lining Inside the Cabinet : (Optional Accessory)

The entire work cabinet including door is lined with special manganese steel tiles having thickness 10 mm which has got work hardening property and protect the main cabinet from abrasion for longer period. As and when these tiles worn out you need to replace the particular portion of the same. As such, there is tremendous saving of cost of maintenance. The percentage of Mn. Is 11 to 14%.

Operation :

The door of the machine is opened and components are loaded on to the endless rubber conveyor belt of the machine. The rubber conveyor belt tumble the components gently and ensure adequate exposure of the components. The abrasive at high velocity falls upon the tumbling components and clean them. After blast cleaning cycle is over, the blast wheel is shut off and door is opened. The components are unloaded on the trolley by moving the conveyor belt in the reverse direction.

Operating Principle for Tumblast Type Airless Shot Blasting Machine with Steel Belt :

Tumblast Machine consist of Cabinet equipped with Steel Belt Conveyor System. The components are loaded through Mechanical Loader or Manually into Steel Belt of the Machine. The door is closed and machine is started, due to endless movement of belt, the components tumble gently and are also exposed to shot blast stream for shot blasting purpose. The advantage of this machine is that all faces of components are thoroughly cleaned in the machine due to tumbling action, after blasting the door is opened and the movement of conveyor belt is reversed so that all components are taken out from the belt on User’s Trolley.

Control Panel :

It composed of

  • Control Panel : It is an independent dust proof IP-54 aesthetic look control panel manufactured according to TEC regulations and EC directives, having the latest control system with interlocking.
  • Instrumentation : The ammeter for each throwing wheel and voltmeter are fitted for instant and accurate reading. The various timers of reputed make are provided for blasting operation.
  • Protection : It is entails by contactors, relays, push buttons, main isolation switch, safety limit switch, emergency switch, grounding system, HRC fuses, indicating lamps etc. The time control device is provided with visual lamp indicator depicting the passage of time. Various safety features are inbuilt in the system like blast wheel motor will not operate if door is opened.
  • Electrical Power Distribution : It is with transformer for low voltage internal consumption, complete wiring on the machine with cables, protection guides, cable with terminal connections and complete wiring inside the electric panel.
Safety Features :

All exposed power drives are equipped with totally enclosed Safety vibration free wire mesh guards. The safety guards may be easily and quickly removed and refitted for equipment maintenance.
The blast cabinet doors are equipped with safety interlock switches to automatically shut off the blast wheel units, if by accident either door should be opened during the blasting operations. The switch also prevents starting the wheels unless the doors are completely closed.
When blast wheel casing is opened, machine will not operate.

Electric Motors :

3 Phase, 415V +/- 6% AC, 50 Hz. +/- 3% TEFC Induction Motors of reputed make like ABB/CG make etc. are used.

PLC Operated Control System with display & Man Machine interface Unit: (Optional Accessory)

The sequence of operation is programmed by a PLC and the sequence of control is displayed on the display screen.

Platform & Supports :

A service platform is provided for access to the elevator and separator drive. The platform floor is constructed of chequered plate. Hand railing, ladder and supports are provided for maintenance and inspection purpose.

Painting/Color :

Inside and outside surface of equipments will be brush cleaned and given two coats of Epoxy Primer. Final coat on exterior of the system is Pu Paint Air Drying, Shade: Tata Green shaded and electric line channel is Red Enameled and all the guards of motor4 are yellow enameled.