Special Conveyor Type Machine

The Machine houses special heavy duty chain conveyor system having special hard fixtures for loading Axles transversely. The Chain Conveyor moves horizontally & convey Axles into Blast Chamber for blasting purpose. The head of Axle is blasted by 2 Nos. of Blast Wheel Stations positioned laterally on the wall of Blast Cabinet. The Axles are blasted in single pass and comes out through outlet tunnel. The entire Cabinet is lined with Manganese Steel Sheet for protection against abrasion. The Chain Drive is also protected through Hard Liners. The Machine contains Elevator, Abrasive Separator, Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector System and Control Panel with PLC. The entire operation of Machine is meticulously programmed by PLC. The Machine is users & environmental friendly and conform to CPCB norms.

Technical Specification :

Turbines (Blast Wheel)
No. of Blast Wheel 2
No. of Blades 8
Size of Blast Wheel 151/2 X21/2 (25RLM150)
H.P. of Blast Wheel 20 HP x 2 Nos.
R.P.M. of Blast Wheel 2800
Abrasive Flow
Approx. Shots flow rate 220 Kg /Wheel/minute
Shot Velocity 70-80 Mtrs./Sec.
Shots Consumption rate 4.4 kg/hr Approx
Initial Charge of Shots 1800 Kg.
Recovery System
Drive For Bucket Elevator 3 HP
Drive For Screw Conveyor`s 5 HP
Chain Conveyor Systems
Speed (Variable) 0.5 to 2 meter / minute
Inlet Conveyor Length. 1500
Outlet Conveyor Length 800 mm
Total Conveyor Length 6700mm
Chain Conveyor (HP). 5 HPx1
No. of Chain Conveyor Drive. 1
Standard Output (350mm flange) 8-10 pieces / minute
Passage opening(For Job) (WxH) 1300 x 500 mm
Job Loading/Unloading Height 900 mm
Filter Systems
Type of Dust Collector Pulse jet type
Fan (HP) 10
CFM of Dust Collector 4000
No. Of Cartridges 6
Filter Area 60 Sq. Mtr.
Bag Cleaning Pulse Jet Through Solenoid Valve Controlled By Sequential Timer
Dust Discharge Cam lock bin Provided
Dust Emission Level <80 Mg/cub.Mtr.
Compressed Air requirement at 6 Kg/cm2 pressure 15 cfm
Noise Level 80-85 dB (A) at 3 Mtr. From Machine.
Cleaning Standard SA 2.5 – 3
Job Movement Forward movement on chain conveyor
Control Panel Centralized Cubical type panel
Machine Dimensions
Overall Dimension of Machine With Reverse Pulse Jet type Dust Collector Length 7000mm
Width 5500mm
Height 5200mm(GL)
Floor Space required for Machine with Reverse Pulse Jet type Dust Collector Length 7500mm
Width 5500mm
Pit less
Total Power Required
Blast Wheel 20 HP x 2 40
Dust Collector 10 HP x 1 10
Chain Conveyor 5 HP x 1 5.0
Bucket Elevator 2 HP x 1 2.0
Upper Screw conveyor 1.5 HP x 1 1.5
Cross Screw conveyor 1.5 HP x 1 1.5
Longitudinal Screw conveyor 2 HP x 1 2.0