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Shot Blasting for Brake Shoe

The machine will be based on Induction Suction blasting principle. In this Machine one rubber belt conveyor type work conveyor is provided, Brake Shoe to be blasted are placed on this rubber belt conveyor and taken inside the blasting chamber.

The machine consists of Blasting Chamber fabricated construction from M.S. sheet; it will have rubber curtain type opening at both side of the cabinet, one hinge type door at front side of the cabinet fitted with vision window, Rubber Belt Conveyor System (VFD Controlled), Horizontal Nozzle Reciprocation system (VFD Controlled), Abrasive Recovery unit, Multi Cyclone separator with RPJ Cartridge Type Dust Collector.

When the components are placed on the rubber belt conveyor they passes through the blast cabinet, six no’s of nozzle mounted on Horizontal nozzle reciprocation system fires abrasives & shot blast the jobs uniformly & clean them from upper & Side portion while they pass through the blast chamber.

The abrasive from the perforation of the belt conveyor will collected in the hopper placed under the cabinet. The abrasive stored in the bottom storage hopper will be sucked inside the reclaimer by the suction draft created by the Vacuums suction. The cyclonic action inside the reclaimer separates the dust and abrasive. The separated abrasive passed to screen, where coarse particles and debris are separated. The usable abrasive gets stored in storage tank

From the storage tank the abrasive will be distributed to the system for recycling, A Sufficient Capacity of RPJ type of Dust collector is incorporated to suck the dust produced in the blast chamber and keep the chamber and environment clean.