Our Quality Assurance

"We are committed to total customer satisfaction by ensuring high Quality standards and continual improvement."

The main objective of the company is to produce a quality products and service which meet the well defined needs and satisfy the customer committed expectation. The product is made available at competitive price and this is achieved through well managed quality assurance system which is fully documented and transparent.

The quality management system guides the coordinated actions of personnel, machines and information to achieve the quality objectives

The quality management system compromises following element:


To evaluate correctly customer needs and requirements.

Design & Engineering

The customer needs is translated into right product and machine specification.


To identify and select the competitive vendors who can supply the material and components etc as per specification.


To ensure product is produced under controlled condition in conformation to the set standard.

Quality Assurance

Identifies appropriate test method and exercise quality training to ensure that only quality products are processed and produced at every stage.


The company is having audit system to detect non-conformity and non-compliance of quality system and to undertake corrective actions.

Installation and Servicing

This ensures proper installation, erection and commissioning of the equipment according to set standard and providing adequate training facility to the customers so that the objective of purchases of equipment is achieved.

Better Services
We have professionally trained engineers and technicians for imparting pre-sale, middle sale and after sales service. Please avail these services free of cost or at nominal cost. The Spare parts are normally available ready stock. We also encourage our customer to suggest about their experience in improving our products.