Mini Hopper Type Blast Room

The job is placed inside the blast room and the blasting operation is carried out by operator manually. Used abrasive falls down into the Mini Hopper System from where these are transferred by air suction to reclaimer unit where the reusable abrasive goes into portable blast generator. From Blast generator the abrasive are transferred into the hose pipe and finally at blast nozzle for shot blasting purpose. The unusable abrasive from media separator is collected in a Bin placed below Dust Collector. The dust and fines from Blast Room is sucked and carried into reverse pulse jet type Dust Collector and clean air is discharged into atmosphere, keeping the environment clean and eco-friendly.

Mini Hopper Media Recovery Unit :

This type of media recovery system is specially used where the Blasting media is very fine like Glass bead, Alumina oxide, etc. Specially used for achieving the matt finish/aesthetic finish on the surface of the Aluminum profiles.

The mini hopper floor recovery is the heart of the system. It consists of a multitude of small hoppers, each having a outlet in the bottom. The hoppers which cover the entire floor area of the room are overlaid with floor grating to from the actual working surface of the room floor. Integral with the floor hoppers is a series of ducts running along the room length. Abrasives and debris falling through the hoppers and into the floor ducts are picked up by ducts and conveyed into the reclaimer system. Duct Elbows are provided with abrasion resistant, replaceable wear plates.

The flow of abrasive to the Blast generator is controlled by specially designed Dribble Valve, which is mounted before the Storage Tank. The Valve is opened and closed with an air cylinder, which is actuated electrically by a 4-way Solenoid Pneumatic Valve, consuming a few Cfm. of compressed air at 80 psi.