Lpg-cng-gas Clyinder

Products Features

Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Cylinder is simple to operate with minimum maintenance and operator has to load and unloaded the cylinders on rotating diabolic rollers. The external surface of metallic LPG cylinders are required to be blast cleaned to remove rust, corrosion and prepare the surface for thermal coating and painting.

‘Surfex’ Airless Shot Blasting Machine for Cylinders

‘Surfex’ Airless Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Cylinders with Dia Bola Roller, Blast Cabinet, two numbers of blast wheel Unit Assembly, Bucket Elevator, Abrasive Cleaning System, Dry Dust Collector Unit, Control Panel & electric Motors. Generally as per enclosed Specification Sheet No. Surfex/02 and literature.

Standard Accessories

  • Blast Cabinet with Inspection Door, Bucket Elevator, Abrasive Cleaning System, Abrasive Storage Silo.
  • Automatic Abrasive Control Valve cum sound reducer.
  • One /Two Numbers of Blast Wheel Assembly complete unit with bearing housing and motor and mounting plate.
  • Cabinet Liner Manganese Steel Liner in size 12 mm in direct blast zone remaining area lined with rubber liner 6 mm thick.
  • Fabric Bag Dust Collector with dynamically balanced blower unit with ducting to keep Dust Collector about 1 meter away from Blast Cabinet. Ductings have damper valve to regulate suc-tion. Automatic Mechanical Shaker unit is provided for Dust Bags.
  • Independent Cubical Control Panel with ammeter and Volt meter and timers, push button, contactor, thermal overload relays with inbuilt single phase preventor, overload protection, HRC fuses, indicating lamps and main isolator etc.
  • Electrical Motors Various motors as details in the technical specification sheet having TEFC Construction 3 phase, 415 volts, 50 cycles, ABB/CG make only. Generally as per enclosed Technical Specification Sheet


Technical Specification Model S-800DB Model S-400DB
Size of Blast Wheel 191/2” x 21/2 191/2” x 21/2
No. of Blast Wheel 2 Nos. 1 No.
Power of Blast Wheel 15 HP X 2 Nos. 15 HP X 1 No
Shot Flow Rate/Minute/wheel 150 kg. 150 kg.
Shot Velocity (Mtr./Second) 65-75 65 75
Shots Consumption Rate Approx. 0.13 Kg/hp/hr Approx. 0.13 Kg/hp/hr
Dimension details of Machine
(i)Length: 2500mm 2000 mm
(ii) Width 1200 mm 1200 mm
(iii) Height 1600 mm 1600 mm
b) Overall Dimension of Machine with Dust Collector
(i) Length 9000 mm 8000 mm
(ii) Width 4500 mm 4000 mm
(iii) Height 5000 mm 5000 mm
c) Dimension of Dust Collector
(i) Length 1850 mm 1350 mm
(ii) Width 1350 mm 1350 mm
(iii) Height 3600 mm 3600 mm
d) Ground space required for machine
(i) Length 9000 mm 8000 mm
(ii) Width 4500 mm 4500 mm
Dust Collector Capacity 3000 cfm 2000 cfm
Motor HP for Dust Collector lower 7.5 H.P. 5 H.P.
Filter cloth area of Dust Collector 48 Sq. Mtr. 36 Sq. Mtr.
Conveyor System Dia bola type Dia bola type
Job Movement Cylinders while moving forward also rotates. Cylinders while moving forward also rotates.
Bucket Elevator (Size) 600mm x200mm 600mm x200mm
Bucket size : (i) Length : 125 mm 100 mm
(ii) Width : 125 mm 75 mm
(iii)Height : 90 mm 83 mm
Total power requirement 44.0 H.P 25.0 H.P
Control Panel Centralised`Desk type Panel Centralised`Desk type Panel
Noise Level 80-85 dB (A) at 3 Mtr. From machine 80-85 dB (A) at 3 Mtr. From machine
Cleaning Standard SA 2.0 to SA 2.5 SA 2.0 to SA 2.5
Environmental Effect Green Machine Green Machine
Foundation Pitless Pitless