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Index Table Type Blasting mc

The machine is fully automatic Rotary continuous satellite table air operated blast machine consist of Cabinet enclosure, rotary turntable having 12 rotary satellites, suction blast gun in 2 group, one automatic blow off gun, abrasive reclaimer separator, cartridge type dust collector and PLC operated control panel. This machine is suitable for Automatic shot blasting of small size component like fan body etc. The blast chamber is having one front vision window and top of chamber will have air louvers and lighting arrangement and one side door with vision window and hand holes with rubber sheet for cleaning & inspection & maintenance purpose. The blast cabinet is duly lined with wear resistant rubber liner.

The 12 satellite tables are placed with 60 degree to each other and they are free to rotate. The satellite table are provided with special fixture to hold component to be blasted. The rotary turntable is driven by gear box and electric motor and have indexing arrangement. 2 satellite tables are simultaneously engaged for blasting purpose, each satellite table is provided with 4 Nos. of reciprocating guns. The reciprocation is provided in such a way to cover entire piece for providing homogenous and uniform finish. The satellite table inside blast chamber is revolved at fixed RPM through VFD drive. After blasting of component, satellite table come out at operator’s position outlet of blast chamber.

The next satellite tables move inside the blast chamber and the satellite table having blasted component are unloaded and new components are loaded, hence operation of machine is continuous. The machine is provided with media recycling system for continuous operation. The media is continuously air washed and sieved so that impurities and foreign particles etc. are removed from the system. The usable abrasive are transfered into storage tank from tank and the abrasive are transferred through induction-suction recycling purpose. The entire blast chamber is ventilated by cartridge type dust collector which maintain emission level of air as CBPC Norms. A control panel is provided with PLC feature for fully automatic operation. The machine is provided with all safety features.