Honning mc for rotor coil

Surface Finishing Equipment Co. have Developed, Designed & Patented Abrasive Blasting / Honing Machine for Rotor Coil. The Machine consist of Loading Conveyor Stand Rubber Belt Conveyor, Inlet & Outlet Conveyor Zinc, Chromium Coated Rollers. The Rotor Coilsare kept on Loading Conveyor Stand from there. It is Auto transferred to Inlet Conveyor of the Machine. The Inlet Conveyor carries the Rotor Coils into Belt Sander Chamber for removing heat scales etc. From there, Coils traverse into 6 set of Blasting cabinet having 20 Blast Nozzles for thorough Blast Cleaning & Finishing of Rotor Coils from all the sides in Single Pass. After shot blasting, the Rotor Coils is Air Blow cleaned and transferred to Outlet of Conveyor from where they are Auto Lifted and transferred on Unloading Belt Conveyor Stand. All Blast Chambers are ventilated and have Abrasive Circulation & Cleaning System. The entire operation of the Machine is meticulously PLC Programmed.